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Trenje - Nikola Vranjković (DOB, 28.12.2016.)
Nikola Vranjković Trenje vrlo retko izvodi na koncertima. Ovo je neobrađeni i nemontirani materijal, video direktno iz kamere (fullHD).
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Montenegro - overlanding jewel of the Balkans
There's no smaller country with more wild beauty in Europe than Montenegro. And no bigger overland adventure in the Balkans than a tour of Montenegrian highlands. Travelling over endless grassy and rocky plateaus, through gorgeus pine forests, between moutain lakes and crossing epic canyons, you'll also encounter the local shepperd culture which still harbours it's ancient ways, unchanged for centuries. There's no better way to enter a whole new dimension, to depart as far as imaginable from modern civilization than to spend a week in the misty mountains of Montenegro. Reserve your place in the West Serbian and Montenegrian Highlands tour now! http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/serbia-montenegro-highlands/ Photo & video material, editing: Aleksandar Veljković Music: No Name band http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com 2016
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Montenegro Highlands 2017
The legendary tour in the mountains out of this world where time stands still... An overwhelming sense of freedom in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty left the participants of this tour in true extasy. And all that happend in central Balkans, in the heart of Europe! Tour organized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 in September 2017. Photo and video material, editing by Aleksandar Veljković. Music by purple-planet.com and the 126ers. Produced by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com in January 2018. For more info about the Montenegro Highlands 2018 tours, visit https://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/montenegrian-highlands/
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Lotrului, Parangul, Capetanii mountains - 4x4 magic of south Carpathians
This video depicts the southern part of the biggest continuous wilderness area in the southern Carpathians, south from the Surenu / Cindrel mountains ranges. It is one compact space with long, drivable ridges and big plateaus, many lakes and gorgeous mountain rivers, that is simply PERFECT for 4x4 overlanding expeditions. There flows the mighty Lotru river forming the Vidra lake, and it's also famous for the Transalpina mountain road over parang mountains. And the Strategica road is one of the most famous scenic dirt roads of Romania. We have been there many times, and our next expedition, "The Classic Carpathians", among others, will cover this area, so don't miss it! For more info and to register as a participant of this tour, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/classic-carpathians/ Photo and video material, editing: Aleksandar Veljković Music: Dana Dragomir 2015 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com/
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Transylvania 2015 - ultimate Carpathians
Video footage from our tour Transylvania 2015 in the South Carpathians, Romania. A real overlander's dream come true, this area is a limitless offroading playground, revealing new hidden corners to us every season. So if you want to see those Carpathians that everyone is talking about, there's no better way to do it! Join us in the Classic Carpathians Adventure in August 2017 (http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/classic-carpathians/). Photo and video material - Jelena Popović, Neda Ojdanić, Miroslav Ilić, Aleksandar Veljković Processed and edited by - Dr Momir Mrdalj http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com/ 2015
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Homolje Gold Rush days 1 and 2 - rough cut
Rough cut of video footage of days 1 and 2 of Homolje Gold Rush 2016 tour - just a preview of what the participants of the tour are experiencing, for those who missed it.
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Iron Gate NP 4x4 adventure
Let us take you on a virtual journey through the wilderness of the Iron Gate (Đerdap) national park of eastern Serbia. Best known for the most beautiful gorge that the Danube river passes in Europe, it is more than just a river gorge. It has the biggest continuous forested area in Serbia, resembling Amazonian jungles in places. And it has many breathtaking scenic viewpoints, as well as caves, smaller canyons and other attractive points of interest. And is the home of an ancient culture dating back to 7000 years B.C. A place definitly worth visiting! If you'd like us to lead you there in 2016, you can join the Iron Gate and the Stone Arches tour in mid May - http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/iron-gate/ Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com 2013 (remastered in 2015)
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Tarcu ridge trail
This is the 4x4 ridge trail of the magnificent Tarcu mountains, one of the most exciting and picturesque offroad rides in the southern Carpathians. The material was recorded on a south to north run. Photo and video material, editing - A. Veljković Music - Langdana 4x4.serbianoutdoor.com 2015 If you want to experience this trail, join our Transylvania 2015 tour on http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/transylvania-2015/
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Lost world of eastern Serbia
For ten days in the summer of 2016 we guided a british group from Lost World Adventures on a memorable tour of eastern Serbia. It had everything a true adventurer could wish for - excitement, discovery, stunning views, wonderful camping spots, great trails, natural wonders - and it was, in fact, a family tour, that both the young and grownups enjoyed just as much. We hope we've managed to show you the adventure potential of eastern Serbia through this 5-minute video! For 4x4 touring eastern Serbia and the Balkans, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com Photo & video material - Aleksandar Veljković Music by http://www.bensound.com/ (Creative Commons licence) Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com February 2017
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Serbia, the wonderful 4x4 playground
This is a video that shows the natural beauties of Serbia through the eyes of a passionate offroad nomad - made by an offroader, for offroaders. It may be a complete surprise to you that, in the heart of Europe, there is a country where you can still roam around freely in your 4x4 and camp in the wild wherever you like. A country with diverse mountains that inspires and summons to be explored. A peaceful and safe place for your nomadic dreams. Watch the movie, dream about it and, in the end - join us! Music by Balkanika Video created by Aleksandar Veljković 2015 Serbianoutdoor 4x4 Want to experience a 4x4 tour in Serbia? Visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/
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Balkans Wild Tracks 2017 (4WD edition)
Rustika Travel's Balkans Wild Tracks is quickly becoming the most popular overland tour in the Balkans, and there is a good reason for that - the landscape of Greece, Albania and Macedonia (FYROM) where this two week tour is taking place is simply fascinating beyond words. Take a look and judge for yourself! The August edition of the tour in 2017. was guided for the clients of 4WD Travel from the Netherlands Photo and video materijal, editing by Aleksandar Veljković Music by purple-planet.com and audionautix.com (Creative Commons attribution) Produced by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 in December 2017 To sign up for Balkans Wild Tracks 2018 (September/October) visit https://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/balkans-wild-tracks/
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Jagnilo, skriveni dragulj Homolja
Nakon prvomajskog otkrića kanjona Jagnila, tri meseca kasnije, početkom avgusta, vratili smo se kako bismo natenane prošli čitav kanjon i upoznali sve njegove tajne. Ono što smo tamo zatekli ostavilo nas je bez reči - bio je to još jedan u niski bisera Homoljskih planina, i to jedan od najsjajnijih. Materijal sa ovog dvodnevnog istraživanja montiran je sa zakašnjenjem od četiri meseca, ali se konačno našao pred vama. Nadamo se da će vam preneti barem delić doživljaja kojim je Homolje nas nagradilo tog lepog avgustovskog vikenda. Više o nama i našim avanturama možete saznati preko sajtova: http://serbianoutdoor.com http://freebiking.org http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com
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LRC Slovenia discovering Carpathian Serbia
It was a short, but fantastic tour, during which the members of Land Rover Owners Club Slovenia visited the nicest spots and drove the best trails of the Iron Gate and Homolje mountains. These 4 days in late April 2017 sure make up lasting memories! Tour organized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4. Photo and video material, editing Aleksandar Veljković. Produced by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com in December 2017 For taking part in Rustika Travel tours, visit https://www.rustikatravel.com
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Secret Carpathians
Many people don't know that the Carpathian mountains exist south of Romania, and they do indeed - eastern Serbia (also known as Carpathian Serbia) is the home to some of the most breathtaking trails and most picturesque wild camping spots in the Balkans. And that is exactly where we take you on our Secret Carpathians tours. This video shows what the summer tour in this area looked like in 2017 (then called South Serbian Nomad's Adventure). Photo and video material Aleksandar Veljković​ and Nils Lührmann​. Produced by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com​ in February 2018. For more info about our tours visit https://www.rustikatravel.com.
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Ispiranje zlata na Todorovoj reci
Legendarni debeloluški ispirač zlata Perica članovima Kluba aktivnih uživalaca prirode Beograd i Jeep Club Srbija demonstrira tehniku ispiranja zlata, pričajući usput o svojim dogodovštinama iz pečalbe po Australiji.
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Classic Carpathians 2016
The southern Carpathians are a perfect offroaders playground, and a destination where we've been organizing tours for almost ten years. It's a challenge to make up a route that will show the full beauty of these mountains, but I visitors never went home disappointed. This is just a short exerpt from the 2016 Classic Carpathians tour. If you really want to experience Carpathians at their best, book our tour at http://www.rustikatravel.com . Organized and guided by Rustika Travel / Serbianoutdoor 4x4 Photo and video material Aleksandar Veljković September 2016 Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com (February 2017) Music licenced by the Creative Commons licence, Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/)
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Iron Gate and the Stone Arches 2017
Tour organized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 in May 2017. One of a kind overland adventure featuring the jungles and scenic viewpoints of the biggest river gorge in Europe (the Iron Gate of the Danube),as well as the unique natural stone arches of Carpathian Serbia. Special thanks goes to Renaud Buysschaert for supplying the drone footage. Video and photo material, editing - Aleksandar Veljković Music - Epic Unease by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/lice…/…/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/…/ro…/index.html… Galactic Damages by Jingle Punks Retreat by Jason Farnham Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com November 2017
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Homolje Gold Rush 2018
The early springtime hotel accomodation overland tour of the Serbian Carpathians, with an accent on the local cultural heritage featuring the tradition of gold panning. In 2018 the tour was heavily challenged by the huge snow remains on the mountain roads, enduring into the spring months. Tour organized as a joint venture of Rustika Travel and Discovery4x4.com and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4. Photo and video material, as well as editing by Aleksandar Veljković
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Protiv sebe (Fest 26-02-2017)
Protiv sebe - live snimak sa koncerta u Festu 26. februara 2017. godine
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Macedonia above clouds (Balkans Wild Tracks)
Video depicting the wonderful mountains of Macedonia, with some of the highest peaks reachable on whees in the Balkans (2600 m!). Material from the Balkans Wild Tracks 2016 tour and other tours in Macedonia in recent years. In you want to take part in the Balkans Wild Tracks tour, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/balkans-wild-tracks/ Photo and video material by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 Music by Vlatko Stefanovski (Gipsy song) Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com December 2016
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Sureanu and Cindrel mountains
The best 4x4 playground in Romania In a vast area between Petrosani in the south, Hunedoara in the west, Sibiu in the east and Sebes in the north lies a magical wilderness plateau, about 150 km wide and tall, the biggest of it's kind in Romania. It's makes the imagination of 4x4 explorers run wild, because it gives tremendeous opportunities to roam around virtually forever. Technically demanding trails, breathtaking vistas, mountain lakes, historical monuments, raging rivers, shepperds herding sheep and cows in the mountains the traditional way, wild horses running free on the high ridges, dark forests full of wolves and bears - it's all there! And, of course, memorable places for wild camping, as far from civilization as possible. It is all going to be a part of our Transilvania 2015 tour, so join while there are still places left! http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/transylvania-2015/ Photo and video material: Aleksandar Veljković Music: Dana Dragomir http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com February 2015
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Balkans Snow Trails 2018
Video from the Balkans Snow Trails 2018 tour, organized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 from February 4th to 10th 2018 in the Serbian Carpathians. Not a lot of snow in the lower altitudes, but mud challenges nicely made up for it. Some great vistas like always in that part of the world :-) Photo & video material, editing by Aleksandar Veljković. Music by Aakash Gandhi (Eyes of Glory). Produced by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com in February 2018. If you'd like to take part in our overlanding tours, visit https://www.rustikatravel.com for more info.
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Pindos mountains - Balkans Wild Tracks
Introducing the Pindos mountains in Greece, or Greek Alps, as they're also known. This magnificent, wild scenery will be a significant part of our Balkans Wild Tracks 2017 Tour. After watching this overview, I'm sure that you can't wait to get there, just as we enjoy every second of a Pindos mountains 4x4 adventure! To register for the Balkans Wild Tracks 2017 tour, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/balkans-wild-tracks/ Organized (in 2016) by Rustika Travel / Offroad Adventure Guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 / Offroad Adventure Photo and video material, video production http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com November 2016
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Offroader's journey of Tara and Zlatibor mountains
Tara and Zlatibor mountains are the key natural attractions of western Serbia. Connected by the Šargan pass, these areas are a true heaven for offroaders, offering a dynamic landscape full of trails of all difficulties - from the good country roads to serious mud challenges, with occasional rock crawling in the rockier areas. These mountains are also full of natural and cultural attractions and many famous points of interest for tourists, but in this video we've left those out (we've covered some in the Western Serbia video). We wanted to make this video from a purely adventurer's perspective, revealing these mountains in a way inaccessible for regular tourists with passenger cars, unveiling their wild and most beautiful face. That is also the reason why we didn't bother with presenting the nice, small mountain hotels, which are the ideal accomodation option in the area. This is just a pure wilderness video. If you want to experience all this yourself, join us on our Easter tour of western Serbia, starting April 5th - just a little more than a month away! You can find all the details about the tour (including the application form) at http://www.rustikatravel.com/scheduled/western-serbia-easter-tour/ Photo, video, editing - Aleksandar Veljković Music - Vangelis
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Homolje Gold Rush 2017
Video from the Homolje Gold Rush 2017 tour, organized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 in April 2017. Some participants have chosen to extend the tour by four days at the beginning, adding a few memorable camping days to the official tour featuring hotel accomodation. We had an extreme span of weather conditions - from sunny days with 25 degrees C, to true winter blizzards with -5 C starting on April 19th, so it was a tour full of contrasts and challenges for the participants. And of course, the traditional gold panning lesson and a drive through the biggest gold mine in the Balkans were also part of the tour. If you like what you see, you're welcome to join us in April 2018 in Homolje Gold Rush 2018! To see all of our 2018 tours, visit Rustika Travel website at https://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled Photo and video material, editing - Aleksandar Veljković, except drone footage, provided by Robert Svantner Photography (a big thanks to Robert!) Music by Jingle Punks and Kevin MacLeod (Decisions by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html… Artist: http://incompetech.com/) Produced by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com in November 2017
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AJCR - Birthday gathering in Baia de Fier
From February 12th to 14th members of Jeep Club Romania (AJCR) gathered in Baia de Fier to celebrate 4th anniversary of the club. A team from Serbianoutdoor 4x4​ (Nikola Ilić, Vojin Pavlovic​ and Aleksandar Veljković) visited them and made this short video from the footage. More mud than snow, but it was fun nevertheless. We also visited the Oltec gorge and Polovragi cave. Photo and video material Nikola Ilić Aleksandar Veljković Edited by Aleksandar Veljković February 2016 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com Clenched Teeth - The Descent by Kevin MacLeod is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100705 River Meditation by Audionautix is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution Source: http://audionautix.com/
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SSNA series - Vlasina lake and Besna Kobila
The second of our SSNA series videos introduces the neverending ridges of southeast Serbia. Mountains reaching close to 2000 m stretch in all directions for hundreds of kilometres, with a dense network of ridge trails that are just perfect to be explored by the 4x4 nomads. Join our South Serbian Nomad's Adventure tour in 2016 to experience this first hand! http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/south-serbian/ Photo and video material - Aleksandar Veljković Edited by - Aleksandar Veljković 2015 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com/ Night Runner soundtrack by Audionautix is licenced under Creative Commons (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Author's website: http://audionautix.com/
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Magic of eastern Serbia (Balkans Wild Tracks)
Material in this video was recorded during the Balkans Wild Tracks 2016 tour, in early November 2016. It features several mountain ranges in eastern Serbia, giving a good overview of what you can expect on an overlanding tour in that area. The tour was organized and guided by Offroad-adventure (Mario Manojlovic) / Rustika Travel / Serbianoutdoor 4x4. Photo and video material by Aleksandar Veljković. Produced by Serbianoutdoor 4x4 in December 2016. For your overland adventures in Serbia and the Balkans, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com
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Serbia, the overlanding nomads paradise
There aren't many places in Europe where the overlanding nomads can enjoy their way of life truly undisturbed in breathtaking scenery. Serbia is one of such safehavens, and probably one of the best around. Take a look what camping looks like in one of the most beautiful camping spots in Serbia. Video material - Nils Lührmann / Discovery4x4.com Photo material - Aleksandar Veljković / Rustika Travel
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Balkans Wild Tracks 2017
Balkans Wild Tracks 2017 tour took place during two weeks between September 24th and October 6th 2017 in the far south of the Balkans, spanning three countries - Albania, FYROM (aka. Macedonia) and Greece. Words are insufficient to describe this, by far the ultimate overland adventure in Europe. See you again in September 2018! 8-) Tour organized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4. Photo and video material by Aleksandar Veljković, produced in March 2018 by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com/ To register for Balkans Wild Tracks 2018, visit https://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/balkans-wild-tracks/
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Homolje Gold Rush 2016 - days 5 to 7
Video material from the final three days of the Homolje Gold Rush tour 2016. Showing the beauty and diversity of Kučaj mountains, the biggest uninhabited area in Serbia. Visit us next year! Photo and video material, editing by Aleksandar Veljković Music by Gunnar Olsen April 2016 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com
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ESNA 2017
The Eastern Serbian Nomad's Adventure 2017 tour was one of the Nomad's Adventure tours organized by Rustika Travel, which will be rebranded as Secret Carpathians 2018 (summer edition) starting in 2018. In this video we've tried to capture the relaxed, intimate atmosphere that these tours carried with them so far, coupled with breathtaking scenery of the serbian Carpathians and Balkan mountains (Stara planina). Tour was organized in June 2017 and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4. Photo and video material, as well as editing was done by Aleksandar Veljković. Music by Kevin MacLeod licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100775 Artist: http://incompetech.com/. Produced by https://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com December 2017
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Trenje live (Nikola Vranjković) - Fest 26-02-2017
Nemontirani snimak pesme "Trenje" sa koncerta održanog u Festu 26. februara 2017. godine.
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Winter scouting the Serbian Carpathians
Winter 2017 started off serious - from the beginning of January snow keeps falling layer after layer, with some packed 40 cm already being too heavy to drive in uncleared paths. So we ventured out into the Kučaj mountains (part of the Serbian Carpathians range) in order to prepare the trails for our big winter tour. It certainly wasn't an easy task, and there's a lot work to finish yet. This short video is just to give you a glimpse of what we encountered with our friends on January 15th. Photo and video material - Aleksandar Veljković Produced by - http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com January 2017 Special thanks go to Bojan Milanovic, Resava4x4offroad Lipovica, Nikon
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Albanian journey (Balkans Wild Tracks)
Video footage from the three days in Albania recorded during the Balkans Wild Tracks 2016 tour. Tour organized and guided by Offroad Adventure CH / Serbianoutdoor 4x4 / Rustika Travel. For more info about taking part in the next Balkans Wild Tracks tour, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/scheduled/balkans-wild-tracks/ Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com December 2016
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Izazov Dukat planine 2017
A video about the winter adventure on Dukat planina, organized by Mladen Stojanović, "Vrele Gume" magazine, and the municipalities of Trgovište and Bosilegrad on March 11-12th 2017. Still lots of snow and a difficult crossing of the high ridges, but record number of participants from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Bosnia. Video izveštaj o zimskoj avanturi na Dukat planini, organizovanoj od strane Mladena Mlađe Stojanovića, emisije "Vrele Gume" i opština Trgovište i Bosilegrad, koje su obezbedile tehničku i logističku podršku. Karavan je održan 11. i 12. marta 2017 godine, prevazišavši sve rekorde po broju učesnika u poređenju sa dosadašnjim Sretenjskim karavanom (bilo je gostiju iz Srbije, Makedonije, Bugarske i RS). Photo and video material - Aleksandar Veljković Produced by - http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com (March 2017)
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SSNA series - Suva planina
We've started this series of short videos in order to introduce the landscapes where our South Serbian Nomad's Adventure will pass every year. The first of the videos features Suva planina, the solitary mountain near the town of Niš, a real heaven for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. It's not easy to find your way through the labyrinth of forest trails of this mountain on four wheels, but the reward is overwhelming. Take a look to get a first impression! Photo and video material, edited and directed by Aleksandar Veljković If you want to take part in our overlanding tours, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/ 2015 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com
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Minijature istočne Srbije: Homolje i Miroč
U istraživačkom tumaranju istočnom Srbijom večito stižemo do nekih mesta na kojima ranije nismo bili, ili koja su malo poznata, a želimo da ih predstavimo ljubiteljima prirode. Ovoga puta vam u pet minuta pokazujemo tri takva mesta. Najveći deo videa zauzma prilaz kroz kanjon Crne reke, jedan kratak, ali izuzetno živopisan kanjon u blizini Debelog Luga na istoku Homoljskih planina, kroz koji, iako je veoma uzan, prolazi kolski put. Drugo mesto koje smo ovog aprila premijerno posetili je kanjon Sokolovice i njena vrelska pećina na večito interesantnim prostranstvima Miroča, dok je treća tačka vodopad koji smo otkrili na Maloj reci, takođe na Miroču (koji sigurno ima mnogo više vode u proleće nakon zima bogatih snegom). Pogledajte i pridružite nam se u našim budućim istraživačkim avanturama po nepoznatim predelima! :-) Pogledajte naše ostale video materijale u kolekciji na http://www.jeep-club.rs/videoteka Roaming around eastern Serbia we often visit place we haven't been to before, or some of our favorite places that we want to show other adventurers. In this video we've fit three such places in three minutes. The first one, taking up most of the video, is the Black river canyon - although narrow and very striking, it's wide enough to fit a Jeep trail through it. Second place is the premiere of the Sokolovica canyon and cave in Miroč mountain, and the third is a newly discovered waterfall in the Small river, also part of Miroč mountain. Take a look and join us in our future explorations of Serbian wilderness! You can watch more of our video materials in http://www.jeep-club.rs/videoteka
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No Jeep No Fun 2016 tour - days 1 & 2
Days one and two of "No Jeep No Fun" tour in Serbia - for the second time in two seasons! This time we've chosen Kopaonik and Golija, two majestic mountains of central south Serbia. If you'd like to go on a 4x4 overland tour in the Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria...), visit http://www.rustikatravel.com
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Uspon na Ozren od Aleksinca (videotrek)
Drugi od naših video-trekova donosi uputstvo kako se iz smera Aleksinca popeti terencem na Leskovik, najviši vrh planine Ozren. GPS trek u GPX formatu i detaljna ilustrovana tekstualna uputstva za prolazak ovom trasom možete naći u Stazoteci Jeep Club sajta, na stranici (dostupno samo članovima kluba): http://www.jeep-club.rs/2013/01/ozren This is a video track of the way to ascend mount Ozren in eastern Serbia from Aleksinac town in the west. Further instructions (in Serbian) and a GPS track in GPX format can be found at http://www.jeep-club.rs/2013/01/ozren (accessible only to members of Jeep Club Serbia)
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Najduži je poslednji sat - Nikola Vranjković (DOB 29.12.2016.)
Sa drugog prednovogodišnjeg koncerta Nikole Vranjkovića i benda u Domu Omladine Bograda, 29.12.2016. godine. Verovatno jedno od najboljih izvođenja Nikoline kultne balade do sada. Kamera, montaža (produkcija) - Aleksandar Veljković (juni 2017)
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4x4 journey of the Old mountain
The Old mountain (Balkan mountains) is a heaven for nature admirers and adventurers. With peaks rising above 2000 m of height, this mountain range covers a huge area, with diverse plant and wildlife and many protected areas. It has more waterfalls than the rest of Serbia (holding the record for the highest drop and highest altitude, and many river valleys of breathtaking beauty, painted in red by the specific rock color. Due to the extraordinary wild camping spots, it's pick number one for nomadic travellers in the wilderness of Serbia. We regularly tour there, sometimes visiting only the scenic spots of the Old mountain for an entire week. This footage was made during two of our recent tours. Join us in the Old mountain for an unforgettable 4x4 tour! Photo & video material: Aleksandar Veljković Editing: Aleksandar Veljković Music: Nikola Vranjković http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com January 2015 http://www.rustikatravel.com/4x4/
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The ascent of Besna Kobila
A short video stream showing the climb along the main ridge of Besna Kobila - like floating on the clouds! :-) Video recorded by Aleksandar Veljković September 2015 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com
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Vodopad Sige, zapadno Homolje
Vodopad na severnim obroncima Štubeja, najvišeg vrha zapadnog Homolja. U proleće bogat vodom, preko leta presušuje.
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Strongbol 2017 - in Serbia again!
The Strongbol guys like it hard when it comes to offroading. No problem - we can deilver that too! This time they've explored the mudways of Carpathian Serbia. Take a look what it looked like in late springtime of 2017. Tour orgnized by Rustika Travel and guided by Serbianoutdoor 4x4. Photo and video material, editing by Aleksandar Veljković. Produced by http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com December 2017
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Moments of 2017
My nomadic journey through the dreamworld continues. I'm out in the great outdoors most of the time - with a short winter break every year. 2017 took me all over the Balkans - throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. And again, being to all those places just opened up new horizons, giving me new ideas what to explore next time I'm there. So, 2018 will surely be another exciting year full of discoveries :-) Meanwhile, enjoy the marvelous views that surrounded me for the most of 2017 in this 12 minute - 250 carefully selected image slideshow 😎 All images taken with Nikon D500 Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 from Purple Planet Music : www.purple-planet.com
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Zimski uspon na Ježevac & banja Ždrelo
Ima li šta lepše nego nakon čitavog dana provedenog u planini na snegu opustiti se u bazenima s toplom vodom? Upravo to se nameće kao logičan izbor kada penjete neki od najzapadnijih vrhova Homoljskih planina. Uspon na Ježevac je lep, taman prava mera za kratak zimski dan, pa ga već tradicionalno svake zime izvodimo. Što je više snega, što su jači vetar i mećava, to snažnije priželjkujemo ono što sledi posle :-) Pogledajte kako je protekao naš zimski uspon na Ježevac & kupanje u Ždrelu decembra 2012... Za više informacija o aktivnostima kluba posetite http://serbianoutdoor.com Ježevac peak in the Homolje mountains of eastern Serbia is a nice, short hike suitable for a winter day, so we often take our groups there. In addition, there is the Ždrelo spa nearby, where we can warm our bones in hot water after the chilly hike. The colder the wind, the more we eagerly await the plunge into the pools. What a great way to spend a winter day! Take a look :-) More info about our club can be found at http://serbianoutdoor.com (use the Google Translator service)
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Your kind of overland tour
No matter what your idea of a perfect overland tour is, we've got one for you! Discover the Balkans, the last European oasis of unrestricted wild camping and overland travel - https://www.rustikatravel.com
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Sretenjski karavan 2013 - dan prvi (day one)
Sretenjski karavan is a traditional winter offroad convoy over Dukat mountain in the far south of Serbia, organized by Mladen Stojanovic, one of our greatest offroad and nature enthusiasts and organizers. High mountains are usually off limits during the winter season - we simply don't try to push through the snow drifts often reaching several meters of height in places, but in this case it's a message that, if we work hard and work together, no challenge is too difficult. So every time we make a track through the main ridge of Dukat, reaching close to 2000 m in height. And it certainly wouldn't be possible without the help of Vladimir Zaharijev, the charismatic mayor of the town of Bosilegrad. This is a documentary of day one of Sretenjski karavan 2013. This year (2015) it had been postponed for more than a month, due to an emergency situation caused by severe weather in the Bosilegrad municipality, so it will be on March 28-29 - formally in springtime, but we still expect a lot of snow in Dukat mountain. Video and photo material Gordana Atanasijević Aleksandar Veljković Music Biljana Krstić Remastered in 2015 http://4x4.serbianoutdoor.com/
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Prerast Samar, Slapovi Perasti i Tisnica (mart 2013)
U vreme kada su se širom Srbije livade zazelenele nagoveštavajući proleće, na Kučaju ono kao da nije imalo nameru još da stigne. Izlet do Lisca na koji smo krenuli silom prilika smo morali značajno da skratimo, jer minibus po ledu nije bio u stanju da se probije do polazišta pešačke trase. Trebalo je, dakle, napraviti dodatnih 20 km, što je značilo da Lisac kao krajnja tačka otpada. Ipak, ljudi su želeli da vide prerast Samar i slapove na ušću Perasti u Tisnicu, što nas je sve zajedno koštalo nekih par sati hoda po mraku pri povratku do kombija. Inicijalna ideja je bila preći preko Crnog vrha, ali po mraku koji pada nije bilo svrhe kretati na završni uspon prema vrhu. Ipak, bez obzira na napor i preprešačenih 28 km, bio je to dan ispunjen bezvremenskom, divljom lepotom Kučajskih planina, o kojoj svedoči ovaj video. Krenite sa nama sledeći put, dođite na http://serbianoutdoor.com i priključite se nekoj od naših akcija!
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