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Kenny Rogers Coward of the County
OK...........reload of the vid MINUS the Kid Rock ender, HOPE THIS TIME I DONT GET FLAGGED !! Heres a little twist of country.........I changed my production from Red Baron to SystemShocker and my email is different from the other one I had........... Credits go to whoever I took the base pics from to make this video, but the main characters are mine through some cosmetic makes......if u STILL feel that they are yours, email me with a description of the character and tell me WHICH one is yours, then PROVE to me thats yours by showing me a short video with the character in question and I will pull the video, failure to offer me proof of the character in question and my video is flagged because of that purpose, I WILL reload this VERY SAME video over and over again.
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Weird Al "Constipated"
the third and last installation of this video series for 2007, more will come, but next year, in the meantime enjoy, I also added a little funny feature towards the end of this video, enjoy =) (REMEMBER FOLKS, I WORKED HARD ON THESE VIDEOS SO DON'T BASH THEM)
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Ugly Kid Joe   Neighbor
Made this over a period of 2 years (being that I have VERY busy friends, FINALLY it got done) PLEASE no bashing, I worked hard on trying to get everything perfect to match the real video by Ugly Kid Joe. I'm guessing this might be my last video involving a ton of friends, next time I'm gonna try and stick to solo or the animated stuff I used to do as I don't think whoever I'm with is gonna want to be on camera.
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Virgin shaglantic take off minus music
I recorded the plane taking off from London-Heathrow to Newark. u can see the suburbs of London. Sitting behind the right rear of the wing, u can actually see the bottom part of the motor VS001 (Virgin Shaglantic)
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Weird Al "Another one Rides the Bus"
I had this in my vault but now I'm releasing it for you guys to watch ENJOY AND AS ALWAYS.....NO BASHING !!!! U ppl know me by now so I don't need an ender to my videos lol
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Weird Al "Achy Breaky Song"
this is my first lego music video using the stop motion effect (I know at times it skips the stop motion effects and just jumps to scenes. PLEASE, no bashing, I worked very hard on this, I know you wouldn't like it if someone bashed your work.
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Chilean Miner Story.wmv
@supermanzladii Heres a video about the 33 Chilean Miners thanx to Matt Maher for the inspirational song ^_^ Wikipedia for the information based on Chile, and another website for the timeline the miners spent below the surface of the Earth.
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Red Nex Cotton Eye Joe (shortened).wmv
Made this using the Sims 1 game (MAXIS and the expansion pack, I give u credit) The song called Red Nex Cotton Eye Joe was shortened to HOPEFULLY not breach any claims. All in all, enjoy this first video for 2010 =) PLEASE NO BASHING !!!!!!!
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Great White "Once Bitten Twice Shy
Another vid from my vault, this one was made in 2006 My Earliest form of animation, u will probely see some familiar stuff from my other videos. ENJOY =), NO BASHING !! thanx
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Weird Al Like A Surgeon
a bit late for this vid,but whatever, ok,credits...........whoever this guy is that has his name that pops up in the operating room during the guys surgery........... I had a pervious version of this that i remade, those who know me before youtube beame famous has seen the former video. Enjoy and as always, NOBASHING !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fire Marshall Bill Burns
Made with Sims 1 Fire Marshall Bill kills himself and 8 annoying house guests
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Sgt. Barry Sadler "Ballad of the Green Berets"
Dedicated to the men and women fighting overseas If it sux, just change to another version of this video, (I'm sure it can be found EVERYWHERE on here, lol) DISCLAIMER ** PLEASE NO BASHING, I had ppl bash my other ones that I have made and I can tell you I don't appreciate that very much, how would you like it if I bashed your videos, you would hate me and curse me out till the cows come home, right, because thats what I was doing everytime I saw a negative comment)**
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The bat in the Florham Park, NJ library
DATELINE SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 I was in the library checking my mail when I heard the commotion that there was a bat inside the library. Like most of you would probably run out screaming, I ran out to my car to get my video camera and came back in to try and capture the sucker on video...........YEAH I'M CRAZY HAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Its not everyday an event like this occurrs. SEIZE THE MOMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Landing at Sofia airport
Our plane is on approach
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Weird Al
back to the drawn versions, LOL, This is the parody to Eminem's "Lose Yorself" called "Couch Potato" before anyone thinks of something to say that the scenes look very familiar, I'm giving the yahoo image search credit for the screen shots that appear on the TV that seems to dominate 95% of the video. Like I said and I can't seem to stress this enough, PLEASE, no bashing, I don't go around bashing other people's work, don't do it to me. Enjoy =)
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Darude "Sandstorm"
Driving a bus in Midtown Madness 1, kinda lame considering I recorded it from my computer monitor, but entertaining (at least I HOPE it is)
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Grease  You're the one that I want
OK here you have it, A video for January 2009 Credits: I did this in The Sims 1 format and to ANY sim site that I got your stuff to use in the making of this video, THANK YOU ! and to the AMV website for the song(s), THANK YOU TOO. There, U ALL GOT CREDIT, HAPPY ???? Now.....lets get down to the nitty gritty, I've been getting SHITLOADS of ppl that were flagging and blocking my videos, maybe cause you all were not getting credit, .....LOSERS !!!! FAIR WARNING, IF THIS video gets blocked, I'm gonna just put it RIGHT back up again and keep doing it until u either give in and let me keep it or you shut me down. those are your options, TAKE OR LEAVE IT !!! On the lighter note, NO BASHING !!!!!
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Did this using the Sims 1 ,but got the music from that animemusicvideos.org site, =) Enjoy and NO Bashing !!!!! (this is ONLY temporary till I get back home to the USA where then i will add my video enders)
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This is Tom Jones song "Delilah
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the cast and cameos from the various characters from the SIMS 1 game (who can you name from the celebs, lol ?) the clown came in crappy, sorry =( credits to Nickleback "Rockstar" and the MAXIS the Sims 1
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Psycho Stalker
This was made with me and my former girlfriend back in the day when we were together and still even after we split up (our friendship remained) and we completed the video, enjoy and no bashing, thanks =)
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From Munich, Germany to Sofia, Bulgaria
from Munich to Sofia
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the # 5 trolley line
Actually its the # 8 trolley line, but it almost travels the same route, best thing about it, the driver didnt know I was videoing her, lol haha, also no thanks to the person sitting in the seat that i wanted to get a better shot, buuuuuuuuut, WHATEVER..............!!!!! =/ Enjoy.......=)
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chicken montage
This is from last year but I STILL think you will like this ;)
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20140421 203755
Walk around the vintage cop cars (part 1)
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John Denver "Thank God I'm a Country Boy (PARODY)
called "Thank God for most everything, the parody lyrics go along with the parody pics, ENJOY =) This isnt my real September video, its something I yanked out of my video vault just to share with everyone, I DO however plan on a REAL September video before the month is out.
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20140421 203919
Walk around the cop cars (part 2)
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Only in Bulgaria 0001
These are of pictures I took while I was there, note how some of the stuff from the USA GREATLY varies from being overseas, for example, some of what you see there WILL not be tolerated by our governtment, put it THIS way, if what you see there gets out over here, the government will want those annoying black censored boxes.
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