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Random Number Guessing Game Using Python
Randon number guessing game using python 3.5.2. I use the module random and i explain code line by line to give you a good understanding of the code. I will be uploading more tutorial in the coming time. Thanks for watching, Please leave a like comment and suscribe.
Views: 10845 David Kaplan
Encryption Program On Python!
Encryption Program On Python 3.5.2. The program allows you to encrypt and decrypt back messages back. nice compact program that includes more complex built-in function call outs. Thanks for watching, leave a comment and like!! let's aim to get 35 likes!
Views: 13940 David Kaplan
How to Create Text Files Through Python
Creating Text files, appending text into the file and displaying the file. This tutorial shows how to do all of these things Check out Pycharm!: https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/ Thanks for watching the video! Leave a like and comment and Sub!! :)
Views: 1079 David Kaplan
N-Factorial Program using Recursive Subroutines in Python
Tutorial on N -factorial using recursive subroutines in python Please like and comment what tutorial you want me to do! Thanks for watching
Views: 50 David Kaplan
Depth-First Search in Python
Tutorial on Depth First search using a pre-defined graph.
Views: 34 David Kaplan
Odd or Even? Python  Tutorial!
Short video showing how to find and even or odd number by an input. Thanks for watching, please leave a like comment and subscribe.
Views: 548 David Kaplan
#1 - Pygame Programming - How To Make A Window In Pygame.
This video shows you how to make a simple program on python. Thank you for watching, please leave a like , comment and subscribe.
Views: 410 David Kaplan
Calculator Program in Python!
Calculator Program written in python, using subroutines or functions to make a very compact program that works perfectly. Written on python 3.5.2. Any questions are welcome!
Views: 2143 David Kaplan
#2 - Pygame Programming- How to display and image.
Tutorial showing how to output and image onto a screen using python module pygame. Thanks for watching, Hope you enjoyed. Leave a like comment and suscribe.
Views: 434 David Kaplan
Importing and displaying data from the Web! Python Tutorial
In this tutorial, we will learn how to import data from the web into python, and then create a graph to display the data. Lets try and Reach 30 likes on this video.
Views: 96 David Kaplan
Pygame Tutorial #3
Building on our previous tutorial. Something intresting to explore for those who want to advance in pygame
Views: 60 David Kaplan

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